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The New Zealand driving license system is split into classes of license. So, the first class 1 is a car license that allows the driver to drive cars, light vehicles, tractors, mopeds, and all-terrain vehicles. The NZ Transport Agency issues New Zealand driving licenses.

Learner license in New Zealand
A car learner license is gained by scoring at least 32 out of 35 questions on a multiple-choice test related to the road code in New Zealand. Once to get the learner license, it allows the holder to drive a car vehicle provided they display black-on-yellow drive learner plates and are accompanied by any person who has held a full charge for at least two years. After passing the learner's test, the person will gain a temporary driver's theory license to use until a person gains the photo learner license.

Learner’s driver’s license
In New Zealand, you must be at least 16 years before applying for a learner license.

Restricted driver’s license
Once you hold your driver’s learner license for six months, you can apply for your restricted license.

Full driving license
If you have completed an approved driving Knowledge course, you must get your full driving license under 25 years.

About the Services for Road code practice tests
Prepare for the learner’s license test with the Road code practice test. Before going to the actual learner license theory test, new learners can take practice test questions on the practice tests. Road code test questions in practice tests You must pass 32 out of 35 questions on each road code practice test for a driver’s license. A randomly generated from all test questions from the actual NZ learner’s test is used to create each practice test, which consists of 45 questions. You can decide whether to view the results sooner or later. Give yourself a good chance of passing the Learner license knowledge test. Test your knowledge about the road rules in the NZ learner license.

We have to provide the test questions.
The first point is to make sure you know the new road rules. Then the test yourself right here must ensure you know the answers. Sit for your actual test with more confidence. Our practice tests are identified and take the format of the questions to the New Zealand Transport Agency real test questions. So, your need to pass to get your learner license successfully.

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Our driving practice tests are free, mobile-friendly, and do not require registrations.

Our practice test services work.
This website works on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Bookmark it on your smartphone, and you can take the practice test just before you go in to take the official test, and the knowledge will also be fresh in your short-term memory. Our website will provide a random selection of questions for your car license to cover all the road rules sections in a practice theory test. All practice questions are multiple-choice and will test your understanding of traffic laws. Suppose you take several times to practice tests until you are ready to take the official test. It has a better chance of increasing your passing percentage for your real driving theory test. We strongly advocate starting with the Theory Test parties sessions rather than moving right into the mock Theory Test to ensure you are entirely prepared for the day of your test (although nothing stops you from doing this if you like!). Our online training will automatically track your progress and show you the questions or categories you may be having trouble with on the real test. Perfect for taking your actual test, you may solve any issues you might have by using our online practice tests. You can be confident you’re reviewing the most recent exams because all our test questions are allowed from the DVSA’s official question and answer database. Practice your weakest questions for the driving theory test online One of the best features that you will find out in the Theory test section of our online practice test is the weakest questions.

You can use this option to go through practice tests for the Theory Test that you haven’t seen before or that you have already answered incorrectly. Use this tool wisely to refrain from constantly reading DVSA questions you already know and instead focus on the ones that require more attention. We strongly advise you to do this.