Start with Free Road Code Practice Tests & Elevate Your Experience with Premium to Unlock Extra Features.

Enjoy 900+ exam-like questions, an ad-free environment, an exclusive dashboard, in-depth study materials, and convenient topic-wise flashcards with just a click.

Start with Free Road Code Practice Tests & Elevate Your Experience with Premium to Unlock Extra Features.

Enjoy 900+ exam-like questions, an ad-free environment, an exclusive dashboard, in-depth study materials, and convenient topic-wise flashcards with just a click.

A simple approach to pass New Zealand Driver Theory Test

Prepare yourself for success on your learner's license test with NZ Road Code Practice Tests. Our extensive and tailored practice materials will help you gain a strong understanding of the rules of the road in New Zealand. With consistent practice and a solid grasp of the Road Code, you'll be well-equipped to pass your test and embark on your journey as a safe and responsible driver. Don't leave your success to chance – start practising with Road Code Practice Tests today.


Our guide gives you information related to each and every state in Newzealand, the information provided for states are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Northland, Whakatane, Napier, Stratford, Palmerston North, Richmond, Nelson, Blenheim, Greymouth, Dunedin, Southland


We prepared a learner's license practice test for each province of Newzealand. These learner's tests rely upon past Driver's manual, which has been planned related to prosperity security measures and to duplicate the official Driving test for your state.


Score 90% in Newzealand Driving Theory Test by practising our mock test, well our mock theory tests has 99.9% realistic questions which were taken from past Driving test challenge banks.

Study Faster and Smarter

Here we designed a fast and easy way to learn about driving rules and road rules and safety measures taken while driving. People can experience various types of mock test related to car, motorbike, heavy vehicle for all states in Newzealand.

For the Car Theory Test, there will be 20 tests, where each test contains 35 questions, and for each question, you will be given 4 choices, you have to pick one option admirably.

While for Motor Bike Theory Test there will be 20 tests and Heavy Vehicle Theory Test there will be 20 tests for each test you will be allocated with 45 questions, for each question, there will be 4 choices, need to pick an option from the accompanying.

To clear our mock theory test, you need to get 32 inquiries directly out of 35 questions.

Type Of Test

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  • We help you in providing questions which are taken from previous road code test manuals
  • Our mock theory tests can be taken on tablets, mobile phone, on pc, you can get to these online mock theory test for nothing totally
  • Questions which you practice on our site will be much the same as the real questions where you will get in your Newzealand Driving Theory Test.
  • Our mock theory tests can be practised for free & premium
Mock Theory Test

Aspects of Mock Tests

You will get a brief idea about road rules and driving signs in Newzealand. By stepping through these exams, your insight will increment concerning driving in Newzealand. This information will be useful if you recently intend to take up the real NZ Road Code Learners Licence Test.

  • Time Simulator: Take as much time you needed to finish the mock theory test; there is no time limit for mock tests.
  • Fundamentals to clear Newzealand driving theory test:Breeze through all latest versions of highway code that we provided in our mock theory test practice these mock tests for better results in Newzealand Driving Theory Test.
  • To Check Results:Results can be viewed after every mock theory test, and where people can also check how many questions they have answered right and how many wrong.
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Gain access to online mock theory tests for free, just by choosing the type of vehicle which subsists of 99.9% realistic questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At what age I can apply for driving licence in Newzealand?

    It would be best if you were at least 16 years old to apply for driving licence

  • There are three phases to get your full permit in New Zealand. Breezing through the first theory assessment to enter stage 1, you will be given with a learner permit. From that point, you can begin to rehearse for the road driving test. Breezing through the first road assessment, you will enter stage 2 with a restricted licence. At the point when you have more insight and pass the last road assessment, at that point, you will be given with the full permit.

  • To book your driving licence, you need to go to a driver licensing agent to make your application. Can also visit this website

  • The learner permit theory test is a PC based test. You will have 35-question, multiple-choice questions, the test that surveys your insight into street rules and safe driving practices. You should get at any rate 32 questions right to pass.

  • To get your full driver permit, you have to pass the 3 phases, and each stage makes them compare expenses as listed below:

    Learner permit application charge $48.20

    Learner permit test charge $45.70

    Restricted permit application charge $48.20

    Restricted permit test charge $59.90

    Full Driving permit application charge $49.60

    Full Driving permit test charge $86.60

  • If you pass the learner licence test, you will be permitted for learner driving licence, and later you can start practising for restricted driving licence.

  • If you fail the learner's theory test, you again need to rewrite the test by booking it again.

  • No, the majority of the questions depend upon street signs, and street rules questions are less complicated. Just make sure you read questions appropriately and select the reasonable answer which is given in choices.

  • Most of the questions will be similar for all theory test; regardless, some may differentiate.

  • Yes, you should carry your driving permit, You should deliver your Driver's permit immediately for assessment at whatever point needed to do as such by an Enforcement Officer. The most extreme punishment for not having the option to create your permit promptly is $1000.