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You’re now one step closer to passing your official NZ Road Code Test. Through our prepared practice tests, you can get all the help and relevant practice before you attempt the official test. The questions in NZ Driving Theory Test Practice are alike those in the NZ Road Code Test.

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Our NZ Road Code Practice tests in each section – Car Theory Test, Bike Theory Test and Truck Theory Test focuses on driving aspects covered in the Official Driver’s Handbook. These inputs will guide you for preparation for the NZ Road Code Test by which you can easily pass the exam. You can access the Driver’s Handbook online.

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Our NZ Road Code Practice Test requires unlocking of premium plan to access interesting pictorial flashcards which includes driving related question and answers which are easy to recollect.

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Once you are prepared well, you can take the NZ Road Code Test and you will surely pass the test at first attempt.

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In New Zealand, driver licences are issued by Waka Kotahi, the NZ Transport Agency. The official New Zealand Road Code Test holds responsible for organizing driving exams for all motor vehicles including cars, and heavy vehicles.

For obtaining any kind of driving licence you apply in New Zealand, our tests are appropriate as our questions are exactly derived from the Driver’s Handbook.

Are you anxious about passing the New Zealand Road Code Test? Attempt our interactive practice tests until you feel confident. We assure you that, you will succeed the official NZ Road Code Test in the first attempt itself, as we provide you with the relevant driving knowledge based on the official curriculum.

NZ Road Code Test Format

Among the 35 questions in NZ Road Code Test, 25 questions are relating to road rules and road hazards and 10 questions are on safety practices that depends on the type of licence that learners are applying for.

Licence conditions

If your licence is issued with conditions, you need to follow them while you drive. Incase, you fail to follow them you will get a ticket plus demerit points and a fine.


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The Right Way of Preparation

  • Identifying your knowledge Gaps – Taking Practice Tests help you in identifying the topics which you are unaware of. If the Practice test results are less than what is expected, then you can refocus on the topics where you have scored less or you have been stuck. This promotes your overall performance.
  • Tracking the Progress – It is important to track your progress. NZ Road Code Practice Test leads to what areas you need to focus more on. Tracking the Progress gives you an understanding of the strategies that work for you.
  • Stress-Free – Taking NZ Driving Theory Test Practice helps you in building up your confidence. After attempting the practice test multiple times and putting in lot of hard work, you can be stress-free during the actual test.

Mock Theory Test

Questions designed are similar to NZ Road Code Test

Specific to NZ Road Code Test

Our questions with information are as per core curriculum.

Current and Accurate

Our NZ Road Code Practice Test are prepared in such a way using the latest version of the handbook/curriculum. We update all the questions, so that you hardly have to deal with the outdated tests and information.

Close to the Real Exam

Our questions are designed in such a way that it is close to the real exam, so that our tests to function just like the real thing.

A perfect guide for the Driver’s Handbook
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Reading the entire Driver’s Handbook is time-consuming whereas if you practice our tests, you can prepare efficiently and perform well in the official NZ Road Code Test.

Interactive Test

Our practice test not only has text questions but also image-based questions to give a better understanding and reinforce knowledge.

Mobile Test

Our practice tests are available online and flexible to attempt, provided the internet connection is good.

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