About Us

The NZ Road Code Practice Test website is an online learning platform for young drivers who are preparing for the learner license theory test.

The New Zealand learner license theory test is a written knowledge test conducted to assess a driving license aspirant’s knowledge of NZ road rules and safe driving practices. The NZ Road Code test is based on the Road Code manual and consists of 35 multi-choice questions about road signs, traffic signs, road rules, and more.

It is a composite of general road code questions and specialty questions based on the vehicle type you possess. To pass, you need to answer at least 32 questions correctly for cars and bikes and 33 questions correctly for heavy vehicles.

We Help You Pass the New Zealand Road Code Test

Our aim is to make safe drivers and help driving license applicants succeed in the first step of their journey. We ensure our website users master the state driving laws of New Zealand and become well-versed in terms of identifying road signs and practicing safe public driving.

We provide top-quality practice tests prepared by professionals with years of expertise in the driving test industry. Our practice test writers go to the ends of the driver’s manual to research and prepare the most accurate mock tests that are identical to the official pattern.

We strive to bring the updated mock tests to this platform for our users to learn from and pass their DMV test without a hassle. Applicants who are planning to take the Road Code test must take advantage of our free mock tests.

Benefits We Offer on this Website

We ensure our practice test users gain hands-on practice and effortlessly pass the road code test by providing a wide range of benefits.

Learning in a Similar Interface 

Our practice tests available on austriadrivingtest.com are set on an online platform designed to resemble the official exam pattern. Learning in a simulator environment provides a chance to become familiar with the theory test structure ahead of the actual test.

Endless Practice

We provide unlimited access to our practice tests without any restriction on the number of times a test can be taken. Students can benefit from this opportunity to correct their mistakes by retaking the practice tests.

Simulator Road Code Exam

At our NZ Road Code Practice Test website, we offer mock tests that feel like the real learner’s license theory exam; the purpose is to give a sense of familiarity to the learner. The tests help the learners know what to expect in the real test.

Specialist Questions Included

We take great care to include category-specific practice tests in our mock test sessions of bike, car, and truck theory tests. Find specialist questions corresponding to your vehicle category, along with the general road code test questions to learn for your exam.

Gain Confidence through Hands-On Practice

Our NZ Road Code practice tests provide an upper hand to those who exercised practice tests than those who studied only the manual. The realistic practice tests enable the students to learn the road code topics while practically growing comfortable with the test.

Free vs Premium Plans – What is the Difference

Test your knowledge of Road Code on this website to determine your level of understanding and prepare accordingly, employing the best learning strategies

Free Road Code Practice Test Features

  • First few practice tests only
  • Instant Feedback
  • Based on the driver’s manual
  • Interactive test questions
  • Covers general road code questions
  • No Topic-wise Flashcards
  • No Adblocker
  • No Dashboard Access
  • No Detailed Explanation

Premium Road Code Practice Test Features

  • Access to all practice test modules
  • Instant Feedback
  • Based on the driver’s manual
  • Interactive test questions
  • Covers Specialist questions
  • Handy Topic-wise Flashcards
  • Ad-Free Learning
  • Exclusive Dashboard Access
  • Detailed Explanations