Yes, you should carry your driving permit, You should deliver your Driver’s permit immediately for assessment at whatever point needed […]

Most of the questions will be similar for all theory test; regardless, some may differentiate.

No, the majority of the questions depend upon street signs, and street rules questions are less complicated. Just make sure […]

If you fail the learner’s theory test, you again need to rewrite the test by booking it again.

If you pass the learner licence test, you will be permitted for learner driving licence, and later you can start […]

To get your full driver permit, you have to pass the 3 phases, and each stage makes them compare expenses […]

The learner permit theory test is a PC based test. You will have 35-question, multiple-choice questions, the test that surveys […]

To book your driving licence, you need to go to a driver licensing agent to make your application. Can also […]

There are three phases to get your full permit in New Zealand. Breezing through the first theory assessment to enter […]

It would be best if you were at least 16 years old to apply for driving licence